Filip Imaros looks pensive while standing on a dock at Ceres Station

Filip Inaros (Jasai Chase Owens) in a picture from earlier this season, earlier than Ceres went growth.
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We’re at episode 4 of The Expanse’s six-episode final season, which implies all of the drama that’s been simmering is about to start out boiling over. Because of a pair of unique clips io9 debuted this week, we all know Amos and Naomi are going to confront Holden about one of the biggest shocks in episode three, “Power Projection.” However a lot extra awaits us in “Redoubt.”

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By now, it’s no shock we begin with the Laconia storyline. To this point its connection to the primary occasions of season six has been tangential, however in “Redoubt” we meet an essential determine from The Expanse books in an exposition-heavy scene that takes place as Cara’s household mourns the sudden dying of her little brother, Xan. (We study he was hit by a rushing automotive—maybe pushed by the identical one that nearly mowed over Cara again in episode one? We additionally study that the perpetrator will nearly definitely face a firing squad as punishment.) As a melancholy Cara watches over Xan’s physique, she’s abruptly approached by Admiral Duarte, somebody we’ve heard talked about alongside the best way however haven’t met till now. In any case that build-up, he seems to be… form of odd, however quite pleasant. He breaks the ice by speaking to Cara about Paris—she was alleged to be heading there along with her scientist mother and father after their time on Laconia. O after all, that’s not occurring now… is there even a Paris left?—however the little lady says she’s by no means been to Earth, and he or she doesn’t care about not going there. Duarte says he hasn’t been to Earth, both; as e-book readers nicely know, he’s from Mars.

He quickly steers the dialog towards coping with grief, equating Cara’s disappointment over shedding her brother to his personal disappointment over shedding “the dream of Mars,” as a result of “having one thing you’re keen on you could’t defend is terrifying.” To manage, he tells her, he “wanted one thing to make it extra than simply dying. I wanted to make it a sacrifice… it’s to offer one thing up and make it sacred. When you consider it like that it doesn’t repair something, however it makes shedding them damage much less.” Laconia helps him fill that void, and Duarte’s job, he says, is to “preserve us secure, or not less than strive.” This tender however severely cryptic second is interrupted by the doorway of Cortázar—the protomolecule scientist, frantically chaotic as at all times—who bursts in inform Duarte “my new coordination protocol returned a coherent reply sample,” which is large enough information that the admiral hurries away to see for himself. There’s a shot of the glowing blue factor orbiting Laconia, after which we see Cara wheeling Xan’s physique into the forest, and, nicely… you simply know she’s hoping the “strange dog” will have the ability to resurrect her brother prefer it did the useless hen. Uh-oh.

Talking of uh-ohs, Ceres Station is in turmoil after the water tank explosions we noticed final week. Station administrator Nico Sanjrini is attempting to maintain the Belter trustworthy in line , whereas additionally noting there’s no telling who truly brought on the catastrophe, after which begins main the assembled in a rousing chant of “Beltalowda!” The digital camera pulls again and we understand we’re watching a information report alongside the Ceres-adjacent Mars and Earth leaders, together with Admiral Kirino and UN Secretary-Common Avasarala. These people know the mining fees, which killed a number of folks from all sides, have been Belter in origin—greater than doubtless set by Marco Inaros and his Free Navy on their approach out the door. In addition they know the Belters left on Ceres gained’t simply activate Marco. Unsurprisingly, Mars—a spot the place army tradition has reigned supreme for generations—is able to strike again, with a plan to place Marco’s strategically essential Medina Station out of fee and take again management of the Ring itself. Avasarala isn’t into the thought; she thinks it’s precisely how Marco expects them to react, and says UN forces gained’t be part of the plan. When Kirino passes on the message, the reply is nearly immediate: Mars is “ready to go it alone.”

Naomi looking pensive in an shot also not from this week’s episode.

Naomi wanting pensive in an shot additionally not from this week’s episode.
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After final week’s near-miss with Marco and the Pella, the Rocinante continues to be en path to Ceres. With the injury evaluation full, Naomi’s turned her laser focus to a brand new challenge: compiling all the information the Roci gathered on the Pella and sharing it with your complete fleet. “Somebody will discover that ship,” she tells Holden, and the implication hangs heavy within the air: Someone will discover it and destroy it, ending the job the Roci failed to finish. Elsewhere on the ship, Amos and Bobbie are noodling on restore tasks, each nonetheless livid about that “dud” torpedo that hit the Pella, when the music they’re listening to adjustments over to some Hank Williams twang. “That is Alex’s music,” Amos realizes, they usually share a second crooning alongside and remembering their fallen buddy. Then, Peaches summons Amos to a different a part of the ship to point out him one thing she’s found: whereas checking and re-checking the remaining weapons to keep away from one other dud state of affairs, she’s uncovered the uncomfortable reality that the missile wasn’t a dud. As viewers nicely know, however all the opposite characters have but to find, it was in reality disarmed by Holden on the final attainable second. Amos, who’s already had some doubts in regards to the captain of late, reacts stoically, however you recognize a confrontation is a-comin’.

The Roci crew is in turmoil, however that’s nothing in comparison with the scene aboard the Pella. Livid in regards to the Free Navy ships that turned tail when the Pella was battling the Roci, Marco orders the captain of 1 ship to area the 2 most senior officers of the opposite ship. Then he turns to a startled Rosenfeld and says if the captain contacts her to try to get Marco to vary his thoughts… that captain will additionally be spaced. In the meantime, under decks, Filip—who’s been demoted after straight difficult his father—heads to his new task as a restore technician, working with an easygoing Belter who’s a bit stunned at having the boss’ son as his new underling.

Earlier than they will get began, although, Rosenfeld pops by for a chat. She’s of the opinion that Marco and Filip’s ongoing squabble is distracting from the a lot, a lot bigger battle the Free Navy is at present engaged in—as we’ve seen, Marco’s so emotionally unstable he’s ordering Free Navy captains to area one another—and tells Filip he must be the larger Inaros and apologize. He appears to be like considerate however he doesn’t commit; as an alternative he settles into studying the ropes of his new job, patching the various holes within the Pella. When he fumbles proper off the bat, he blames his co-worker for distracting him by placing the information whereas they work, however he eases off his bitchiness when the person explains his brother’s a dockworker on Ceres, and he hasn’t been in a position to attain him because the explosions. As they discuss and get to know one another higher, Filip will get a glance in his eye we’ve seen him have earlier than—the look of somebody who’s beginning to understand his father isn’t truly the middle of the universe, even for Belters. (And in case you have been questioning what occurred to that “dud” warhead, nicely, it’s lodged into the hull of the Pella, ready to be found by Filip and his new buddy. Filip’s eyes widen when he sees that the show reads “DISARMED.”)

Aboard the Roci, or extra particularly on an area stroll outdoors the Roci, Amos and Holden are engaged on repairing the battle-damaged ship. That is the second Amos takes to deliver up you-know-what, saying he can’t perceive Holden’s selection. Why was sparing Marco the suitable factor to do? When Holden calls it “a intestine choice,” Amos lays it on him: “If we’re not attempting to win this struggle I don’t know what I’m doing out right here.” When Holden snaps again that he doesn’t want to elucidate himself, Amos wonders if possibly Holden is offended as a result of he can’t clarify himself.

 Woe be it unto anyone who messes with Amos’ clearly labeled box of stuff.

Woe be it unto anybody who messes with Amos’ clearly labeled field of stuff.
Picture: Amazon Studios

After that Holden is aware of his subsequent transfer needs to be coming clear to Naomi, and he admits why he did it: “I couldn’t kill your son.” Naomi is livid, saying if Holden determined to not blow up the Pella on account of Naomi’s emotions, that makes her accountable for all of the lethal injury Marco’s certain to do from right here on out. Although they’re upset with one another, Holden and Naomi are so good at expressing their emotions respectfully that it ends in tenderness. Naomi tells him she did all the pieces she may to avoid wasting Filip—and certainly she did, as we noticed final season—and made her personal selection not to martyr herself within the title of motherhood: “I do know I attempted. Please don’t take that from me. It’s all I’ve left.”

Later, Holden enters the Roci kitchen simply as Bobbie—the one crew member who doesn’t know the reality—is blustering on about letting the Pella get away. After Bobbie storms out, Clarissa tells Holden she’s the one who truly informed Amos the reality in regards to the dud. Then their dialog shifts to the continued cycle of violence they appear to seek out themselves trapped in. “Right here we’re, nonetheless attempting to kill our approach to a greater tomorrow,” Holden says ruefully. Clarissa, nonetheless regretful about attempting to kill Holden (and really succeeding in killing many others), says she’s haunted by all of the dying she’s brought on. “Killing somebody is a horrible factor and you’ll by no means take it again,” she says, because the scene shifts to point out us Naomi taking a look at a video of Filip on her hand terminal. “Don’t ever really feel dangerous about not killing somebody.”

Elsewhere within the Belt, Drummer and her band of pirates are scoping out considered one of Marco’s secret provide depots—mainly an array of delivery containers lashed collectively to create a makeshift station. As they start to examine the cargo, there’s a firefight with a handful of Free Navy troopers who have been apparently there to collect provides for an imminent pickup, although from her submit on the Tynan, Michio insists no ships are incoming… but. As everybody hurries to handle enterprise, another Free Navy man pops in and out the skirmish that follows, Josep’s arm is pinned beneath a crate. Michio—a skilled medic—hurries to assist, however the one factor to do is chop the arm off earlier than he bleeds to dying; regardless of the jittery blunder she made in battle earlier this season, she’s cool as will be whereas hacking Josep’s limb off (even OPA veteran Walker, who’s little doubt seen all types of carnage in his day, is impressed).

On Ceres, we get a take a look at what embedded reporter Monica was recording simply earlier than the explosion. Do not forget that ageing Belter with the cat she was speaking to? Nicely, the cat’s title is “Fortunate Earther” as a result of she is “fats and lazy and I give her no matter she needs.” His voice-over continues over footage of the aftermath of the explosion. “I don’t hate anybody. I would like air and water and freedom… it’s not the inners and the Belt, it’s the individuals who need extra hate and those who simply need to stay. I’m so uninterested in the hate.” Avasarala doesn’t prefer it (“This makes us look weak”), however Monica presses her. “In order for you the enemy to see you as human, you need to see them as human.”

Whereas Josep recovers on the Tynan, Drummer decides it’s time to open a wide-band channel and throw the gauntlet down as solely she will: “This message is for the traitor, the coward, Marco Inaros. You hunted me and mine and nonetheless we’re right here, unbent, unbroken, unbowed. And also you? You might be nothing.” They velocity off, towing the provides behind them. On the Pella, Rosenfeld breaks the information to Marco that whereas the primary two Belter officers have been spaced, the captain—who did ask for mercy for them—was not spaced as Marco had specified. “You have been offended whenever you gave the order, I assumed you meant it rhetorically… [that punishment] would have made you look scared and weak. Now you look merciful.” In fact Marco’s not a fan of being spoken to love this, however as Rosenfeld factors out, “Anyone has to. As a result of all of the people who used to are both useless or sulking round under decks selecting up trash.” Then she pivots to a pep discuss, telling him he can’t let the crew know he was shaken by the Roci confrontation. “You’re Marco Inaros. Issues like this roll off you.”

Clarissa, former vicious killer, has come a long way.

Clarissa, former vicious killer, has come a good distance.
Picture: Amazon Studios

Much less arduous to shake, maybe: Drummer’s message to the universe, which inevitably hits the information feed aboard the Pella, the place we hear the remainder of her speech: “You stole from your individual, you deserted Ceres to the inners and left Belters to starve. You referred to as your self a champion and then you definately ran… I’ll at all times be the one who took again what you stole. Camina Drummer did this to you. Reside shamed. Die empty.” When the ever-mercurial Filip hears his co-worker make a crack about how not less than it wasn’t inners who stole their provides, he leaps to his toes to offer a Marco-style speech, wanting to remind everybody that Drummer could also be a Belter, however she’s nonetheless their enemy. “That is battle and it gained’t be over till we’re useless or victorious… there’s no turning again now!”

Solely two episodes of The Expanse left after this! Ever! How is all this gonna wrap up in two episodes? The present streams Fridays on Amazon Prime.

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