Security precautions for rabbits

Rabbits are comparatively fragile animals, and even toys and experiences that appear innocent could cause extreme well being issues and even dying. Simply because a bunny reveals an curiosity in chewing a nook of the carpet or hopping into the yard does not imply it is good for them. “These guys are so domesticated that they can not inform what’s protected and what’s not,” mentioned Berman.

Home rabbits are bred to stay indoors, so they’re extremely delicate to excessive temperatures. “They do finest between 50 to 75 levels, in order that they really want to stay inside a climate-controlled space,” mentioned Ratches. In truth, not solely can the outside be too sizzling or too chilly for a bunny to be snug, they pose different risks, too.

Extremely contagious rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) was found in wild rabbits within the Southwest United States for the primary time in 2020. In that outbreak, officers reported that roughly 90% of rabbits uncovered to the virus died inside three to 5 days of the onset of signs. As a result of RHDV is well unfold and home rabbits are equally as inclined to it as wild ones, bunnies shouldn’t be taken open air for play or to stroll on a leash and harness in places where it is present, mentioned Berman.

Within the coastal areas of Oregon, California, and Baja Mexico, bunnies are additionally susceptible to myxomatosis, a virus unfold by wild rabbits, mosquitos, and fleas that assaults the pores and skin, eyes, lungs, liver, and genitals and infrequently leads to dying.

Predators, together with neighborhood canine and cats, pose a extreme hazard to rabbits when open air, as properly.

Indoors, the most important menace to a rabbit’s well being is the likelihood that they might chew and swallow one thing they can’t digest. As a result of rabbits can not vomit, in the event that they swallow one thing indigestible, it might block their intestines, resulting in extreme ache and dying except surgically eliminated. Rabbits ought to by no means be given toys produced from mushy plastic, polyester, or fabric and must be prevented from accessing harmful home goods like carpet and electrical cords.


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