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The common American pet proprietor spends hundreds of dollars on pet medical bills yearly. If you happen to’re certainly one of them, you may be questioning in case your veterinary payments are coated by your versatile spending account (FSA) or your well being financial savings account (HSA). The quick reply isn’t any—however there are just a few exceptions.

Emotional help or service animals can qualify 

Tax-free FSA or HSA spending doesn’t lengthen to your pets. Nonetheless, if in case you have an emotional help or service animal, then, per the IRS, you can use these funds to pay for bills that assist the animal do its job:

“…the prices of shopping for, coaching, and sustaining a information canine or different service animal to help a visually impaired or listening to disabled individual, or an individual with different bodily disabilities. Normally, this contains any prices, equivalent to meals, grooming, and veterinary care, incurred in sustaining the well being and vitality of the service animal in order that it could carry out its duties.”

How animals qualify

When it comes to qualification, a service animal is defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act as a working animal that assists an individual with a incapacity (like a seeing eye canine), whereas emotional help animals assist individuals with psychological or emotional disabilities. Nonetheless, remedy animals—one other sort of designation for animals that go to hospitals or nursing houses—are not thought-about certified for discounted medical spending, per the FSA Store.

In case you’re questioning, you can’t simply say your animal is both a service or emotional help animal to qualify. The IRS solely qualifies bills if you have already got a Letter of Medical Necessitybasically, a health care provider’s word confirming that you simply want an emotion help or service animal—on the time the vet invoice is incurred.


If in case you have a certified animal, the bills may be paid immediately together with your FSA or HSA card, or with your individual debit or bank card, with funds reimbursed by means of your FSA or HSA. Simply be sure to hold receipts in case your FSA administrator requires documentation.


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